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We believe that the best way that a child can learn is through play. We teach through play by using a variety of activities such as art, music, science, math, reading, computer time, manipulative tasks, and outdoor activities. We also offer special activities such as chapel time, computer pals, library time, field trips, and special guests. We will help your child develop a positive self-image and self-discipline. This will give him or her a chance to develop in his or her understanding of God and His love for all.

Detailed activity plans are posted each week in the classrooms. A monthly calendar is provided with highlights of the activities in your child’s classroom.

We provide a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack. Breakfast and Lunch are cooked on-site by our professional cook. Meal plans which meet and exceed all food standards will be posted in the kitchen area and parent bulletin board. A copy of our menu will also be sent home monthly with each child.

As a prospective enrollee, you may visit our center at any time. However, if you wish to discuss enrollment with the Director at the time of your visit please make an appointment. This center as a top of the line security system with cameras and locked doors that have to be opened by the CDC personnel.

When coming to the center you will need to buzz in so that the Director can acknowledge who you are and at that time you will be allowed into the center.

Pre-enrollment Suggestions

  1. Be sure to read the parent handbook that you are given when you stop by so that you can address questions when you schedule to meet with the director.
  2. Make an appointment with the Director.
  3. Make sure you understand the financial policies of our center. Determine your fee, the due date, and the frequency of payment. Please note, a non-refundable registration fee will guarantee your child’s place in our program.

Enrollment Procedure

  1. Complete application, discipline, parent agreement and medical forms.
  2. Pay registration fee.
  3. Submit medical and immunization forms upon child starting the program.
  4. If an immediate opening is not available, you will be placed on a waiting list.
  5. An Open House is scheduled in early September, prior to Fall term.

Communication between parents and staff is the key to a successful program.

Spiritual formation and growth are critical parts of a child’s development. We hope to distribute this through our program but our program is no substitute for church involvement.

If you are active in a church, we encourage you to remain active, the things your child will learn there will help him or her form great character. If you are not attending a church program, Dr. Robert Prince, Senior pastor, would like to invite you to visit us here at First Baptist of Waynesville. We have an excellent program with Sunday school at 9:45 every Sunday morning. We also have worship with childcare provided at 8:30 am, 11:00 am, and 6:00 pm every Sunday. Our Sunday school classes and worship services are warm and friendly, and you and your family would be welcomed.

The education of a young child is an immense task. We would be honored if you were to choose our program to share in this wonderful undertaking. We will work together so that your child’s early school experiences are filled with lots of love, smiles, laughter, exploration, discovery, spiritual guidance, and WONDER!

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